February 18th, 2014


In which I get curmudgeonly about political surveys and make salsa

For a brief second over the weekend I thought the tomatoes were slowing down. Then I realised that this is because last week I denuded them completely and gave a bunch away. This week, they are back up to speed, and yesterday I picked another 10.

At the start of the season, I planted 6 hybrid variety plain tomato plants and 8 heirloom yellow roma ones. Then a few weeks later I planted another 6 plain ones. The first lot are about half done fruiting, and the romas and second lot are about to start. They aren't as heavy (the heirloom ones in particular are obviously not as vigorous) but they still have about 20 tomatoes apiece.

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Meanwhile, Chris Finlayson (National Party MP) sent me a letter. I'd feel special, but he sent the YoT one too. In it there is a survey to glean what issues are important to me. I get to choose from things like:

Rolling out ultra-fast broadband, and investing in roads and rail.

You'll note how they've cunningly phrased is so if I want broadband I also have to agree to more roads. Interesting, that combination. I'm not sure what they have to do with each other, but he's prompted me to return the survey pointing out how manipulative this question is. Because I'm a shit like that.

Also: More elective operations and shorter waiting times.

What this means is that pombagira's surgery for endometriosis would get bumped further into 'elective' territory, because being crippled once a month is something you only 'elect' to fix. And because making more important but non-life-threatening surgeries elective is surely the only way to improve waiting times.

Oh wait. We could spend less on tax breaks for rich people, and more on health!

That's not an option according to Chris. But we can have 'tougher sentencing, parole, and bail laws', and 'reducing long-term welfare dependency , with a focus on work' - not, you'll note, reducing unemployment by creating more jobs, because we all know that the unemployed are to blame for their own unemployment, not neoliberal policy that increases inequality very deliberately in order to create competition for jobs and thus manipulate the working class into accepting reduced wages and conditions so that business owners can exploit them more easily...

I don't think Mr Finlayson really wants my opinion, eh? But he's going to get it anyway. *ahem* Here is a picture of my response. Yes, I really did say BAD SURVEY, NO BISCUIT. After I took the pic, I also added this:

"PS if you are not prepared to accept this survey with my altered answers, please throw it away and don't count it at all. And then take a long hard look at yourselves as representatives of the people."

I am going to be hell on wheels when I'm old. Oh fuck yes.