February 14th, 2014


Ask a busy person..

So I had reason to call a courier this morning and ended up getting put on hold. Instead of the usual Bic Runga hold music (why yes I do spend a fair bit of time on hold to IRD, why do you ask?), I was confronted with one of those morning radio hosts informing me in a semi-shout that "Women LOVE getting flowers for Valentine's Day, but what should you give to a man?"

Luckily I was put through to an operator before they enlightened me. I believe dead animal flesh and fellatio is the generally-accepted-by-morning-radio Universal Man Gift. Not that I've anything against either, but the minute I'm told that it's a requirement, I get all bloody-minded about it. I doubt I'm alone in this.

Have I mentioned how much I detest morning radio hosts?

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Anyway, I'm adding that to the list of jobs for the weekend. It goes like this:

Mow lawn, weed garden, plant carrots and onions, make catnip cage for fuvenusrs, change grinder papers, help out with Between the Lines (which you should go to, incidentally), make some progress on Cullen, and maybe go for a walk and find some good spots to chuck a line in for a spot of spinning for kahawai. I'm sure there'll be time for all that, right?

Oh yeah, and I rejoined the Kiwiburn excom.