February 10th, 2014


In which the good things from days gone by outweigh the bad ones

Thank you everyone for your well-wishes for my trip Up North to see Kiri. They must have had some effect, because I had adventures! It was a lot of fun, and almost as if the intervening years hadn't passed at all. We're both a bit older and possibly wiser, but that thing that made us click way back when is still there, and I'm better off for having made the effort to get back in touch.

One of the things that Kiri and I have in common is a love of animals. While the choices I've made have led me to suburban Wellington and (at the moment) no animals of my own, her life has led to a small farm in the beyond of northwest Waikato/South Auckland.

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And randomly, at Auckland airport I ran into my ex husband's brother - the only member of that family that I feel ok talking to these days. He put me in touch with another blast from the past, a girl I used to ride with a lot. It seems to be happening to me this year.

I think it's a good thing. I loved my weekend with Kiri, I can't express how happy I am to have got back in touch with her. She's doing all the things we dreamed of doing all those years ago, they've got a beautiful little setup there, and spending time with them was invigorating and fun.

I love how this year, the good parts of my past seem to all be popping up. Almost as if it's the right time, or something.