February 5th, 2014


I'll kit YOUR character!

So yesterday, Bioware announced that ahead of the expected release of Inquisition in spring, they are going to be releasing a series of Character kits. These kits provide views of the game's main characters in costume, from a variety of angles, with insets for close detail.

And the cosplay and fanart worlds rejoiced!

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Having said that, I am very excited for the game. It's the first game ever that I'll be pre-ordering the collector's edition for, and I plan to take some time off work for my first playthrough. Hi, my name's Tats and I'm an obsessed fan...

..but I think I'm going to start avoiding the hype a little. In the past I've generally played games about a year after their release. It's nice to do that after the bugs are fixed etc, and also to walk in with no real idea what to expect. I think if I keep following Inquisition obsessively, I'll hype myself up for disappointment, and also ruin it a bit for myself by knowing too much about it before I start. I'm not going to obsessively avoid it, but I might stop chasing it now.

Except for the Keep. Did I mention I'd been picked to do early beta testing? EEEEEE!