February 3rd, 2014


Mmm, sheep poo under my fingernails...

Yesterday I got the chance, for the first time in ages, to get out in the garden and do some maintenance. I lifted all the spuds (totally not worth the space they take up, especially since we hardly ever eat them), picked more courgettes,spring onions and tomatoes, added some wool mulch to the beans and baby broccoli, planted some flower and vegie seeds, shifted the capsicums so they are all close together and put the mini greenhouse Dr Wheel gave me for Christmas over them, and used up the last of my bag of sheep poo making their soil a bit richer.

I didn't realise peppers needed rich soil. I thought being from a hot climate they'd like it dry and poor-ish, but it turns out hot !=desert, instead being tropical, with all that entails. So I made them a mini tropic.

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So I'm quite pleased with how that is all going. We are eating out of it, it's looking quite pretty, I'm learning how to rotate tasks to keep the vegies and flowers coming, and I have a plan for improvement. What more could a girl want?

Well, how about more time? Yesterday afternoon I started work on my website. I went with Wordpress as it's recommended by the majority, and also because it's popular enough to work with a lot of other tools. The first thing I learned (after being told by Dr Wheel) is not to get hung up on themes. There are so many to choose from, and I wasted several hours trying out a bunch of them before settling on one and starting to add content.

As soon as I had some content I realised that it's much easier to customise a theme when you have a variety of pages to test it with to see what it looks like. And then I decided to stick with the one I have until I have sufficient content to make the front page work (it's a magazine style, feature-based one) properly. Right now it's only got one post, and since that's a picture it seems to have repeated it just to get some fill.

But, I have a structure and a metric fuckton of content to add, so hopefully if I get a bit of time each day, eventually I'll have it full of tasty costuming goodness (mostly galleries and tutorials I think). And then I'll tell the world. And bask in the sudden onslaught of insults and spam adulation for my newly-learned ability to use Wordpress.

Or something.