January 30th, 2014


Let me show you my flowers.

It occurs to me that I haven't made a garden post for a while. So here's one, mostly to clear up a question that was raised by pundigrion a while ago..

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Meanwhile, we have been eating out of our garden since Christmas. I wasn't sure what to expect because a lot of it has never been cultivated before, and it's had zero care for the last few years. However, we've consistently had broccoli, courgettes, beans, spring onions and tomatoes. The peas didn't do too well, turns out we don't really eat radishes, and I think the capsicums will be lucky if they get to fruit before it gets too cold. The pumpkins are pumpkining but I don't know how well those will grow. The rhubarb will be harvestable next spring. I have silverbeet and spinach getting close to ready.

The herb garden is going great guns, although the parsley bolted it's still edible. So, I consider this a win. I'm off to Wainuiomata for shearing on Saturday, so I'll grab some bags of pony poo, and next year the garden will produce like something that's actually had some care. It's a matter of working out what we can grow vs what we will eat. I want capsicums damnit!