January 29th, 2014


Afterburn report - now with more fluoro fluff and LEDs!

OK I think I'm properly back now. As in, back at work. Being inside a building still feels weird, and yesterday I did about 8 loads of washing. I have found that returning things back to normal after a burn as fast as possible works best to solve the cognitive dissonance that comes with shifting worlds.

Anyway, I have no hope of backscrolling to catch up, so if there's something happened that I should know can you link me to it please?

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Meanwhile, I think it's probably the most relaxing Kiwiburn I've been to. There was little drama, lots of love, plenty of, well, everything (we are Camp Everything after all), and I think for me it focused on deepening connections with people I already know rather than forming a whole bunch of new ones. And I'm ok with that.

Also, the Brainfart worked. I mean, worked properly, and well. I used it to help quite a few hippies find their clothes on burn night *ahem*, and met some new people while charging my battery (3 hours!). I know lots of people photographed it but I'd really like to see a video. If you see any photos or video of the Brainfart around on places like Facebook and such, could you yoink them for me please?

I still have my wristband on. Keep forgetting to remove it. Crap.

* not the best idea I've ever had, but fun just the same.