January 17th, 2014


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So there's this meme thing going around, where you reply to someone's post saying CHEESE and they pick five of your icons and you write about them. I did it cos nick_101 did it. If you want to do it, CHEESE me.

Or ZUCCHINI. Because we're 12. Or plantgirl is, anyway.

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Given that my latest costumes (which you will see after Kiwiburn) are very eye-catching, I think it's finally time I created a website for them. I've been wondering what to do with tatjna.com, and this seems like a pretty worthy theme. I've quite a collection of costumes I've made now, so it'd be nice to showcase them somewhere.

What I'm looking to do is make a site that has a gallery, a blog, and a few static pages. Nothing fancy. I would like to be able to build and maintain it myself, because I fucking hate being reliant on other people for support of my projects. So, simple to use for someone who's computer and internet savvy and reasonably smart but not a programmer is kind of what I'm after.

Any recommendations? I've heard both good and bad things about Wordpress.