January 16th, 2014


Sucky marketing is sucky

This morning at work I received a letter from American Express. You know, an actual letter, on paper? It was a spam letter, offering me some deal to get their credit card whereby I pay the low low rate of three times my mortgage interest rate and about 4 times what the bank gives me on my savings account, to use their plastic for my purchases.

For a start I don't do credit cards. Secondly, I don't appreciate spam. But, spam at my work address, addressed to me personally? Clearly trawled from our work website? OH HELL NO.

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Hah. Seems David Gaider agrees with me about the Anders/Fenris possessive. Apostrophes, people. Learn how to use them.

What? It's important to me.

Also, I have a pimple inside my ear. Inside it. WUT.

Did it

Finally did that friends cut. Always hard, I feel stink, as usual. Removed people who hadn't posted in forever that I don't know in person, people I've never interacted with, who never commented or never replied to my comments, and people who I just don't click with.

One day I'll get up the fortitude and actually remove people I know in person, that I also know won't be back. Maybe.

If you think you've been removed by mistake, let me know. Feel free to cut me too if you aren't interested in interacting with me.