January 15th, 2014


Also, it looks ridiculous

OK, so lots of people have lots of beefs with the various changes LJ has made over the years. I've been somewhat relaxed about the whole thing. But something that's changed lately that's really getting my goat is the way the cursor defaults to the Subject box when you're typing a comment. When I open the comment page to reply to a comment (usually from my email notification), I often start typing my comment before the page is fully loaded. I get a few letters in, and suddenly my words start appearing in the Subject box. And I have to stop, delete that, and retype it in the Comment box. Given how often I type comments, I'm finding it really irritating.

Please LJ, recognise that when someone types a comment, it's only sometimes that they want to give it a subject heading. But they always want to put something in the comment box. Duh.

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Out of interest, here is an article about women's armour by the armourer who made the boob plate in the first pic. It's very interesting, for those who are into such things, and bears out the theory that boob plates are unrealistic and impractical, and that it's possible for women to look good in realistic armour.

Aveline Vallen (who in her starting armour looks to be about a C or D cup) dares you to tell her she's not sexy.