January 13th, 2014


Coming out of the woodwork

One of the cool things I didn't know about that happens in our city is a Christmas tree recycling service. I don't know if it's specific to the outfit we got ours from or if anyone can, but on Saturday morning we duly waltzed off down the road, each carrying one end of our used up tree. They take it away and make it into mulch, and for $5 you get a bag of mulch in return. I could only carry half a bag back up Brooklyn hill, but still. Neat!

You know how I said that mainshear was over before Christmas?

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Now, I think mainshear really is over. At least, till early February when the round of lambs and flystrike avoidance shearings starts...

I bought a wallet. This is new for me, I usually use a coin purse + card holder arrangement. But they were both crapping out and I wanted something that wouldn't deform my money (NZ notes have memory). This one supposedly protects your cards from RFID readers by using a wire mesh lining. That isn't why I bought it, it was just the right size and price. I have no idea if the wire mesh would work. Feels a bit tinfoil hattish to me, but there you go. New wallet! Yay!