January 10th, 2014


On introducing your future to your past (with bonus tourists)

I was talking with someone the other day about the success of Gallagher (originally electric fence specialists but now doing well in automated farming). It was mentioned that this company is one of NZ's few manufacturing success stories. Well, it turns out that the folks who make my lunchbox are another. Sistema started in someone's garage, and now they distribute their products to 64 countries.

So you folks who were impressed with the idea compartmentalised lunchboxes and also the lifespan of my previous one, you could do a lot worse than supporting a kiwi enterprise by scoring yourself one. I admit I'd thought they must be imported, and was rapt to find out I was actually buying kiwi made stuff. Neato!

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Short aside: Taking my tribe to Northland and hanging out with Evan was a bit like introducing a new beau to your parents - you hope like hell they don't embarrass you (on both sides), that they'll get along, and that they will all see what you see in them all. For me it was tempered with my past 15 years or so of avoiding the place and its memories, and my fear that allowing my folks to figuratively see my undies would lead them to think less of me through their newfound insights into my deeper history. I'm a chameleon and some of my roots did start to show in my speech and manner while there, and I was afraid of what that would reveal and whether that would be ok.

I needn't have worried. This is why these people are my people. And I think I can now accept that Northland, with all its beauty and ugliness, is part of my origin that I needn't be embarrassed about any more.

So I guess I got my spiritual thingy after all, eh? Despite the tourists.