January 8th, 2014


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This is my mate Evan.

Evan and I go way back, back far enough that the YoT was not yet born and I was still with my husband, living in Dargaville. He's been a charter skipper (among other things) since forever and is one of those Genuine Kiwi Jokers, all number 8 wire and pottering in the shed and deer hunting on the weekends. I hadn't seen him for over 10 years.

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Anyway, whether that pans out or not, I can't really articulate how happy I am to have re-established this particular relationship. It's also likely to lead to finding another old friend who I suspect was genuine and who was a victim of my need to purge. I hope she's as understanding as Evan was.

* NB I didn't abandon the YoT. I jumped through fiery fucking hoops to maintain a relationship with him. But that's not the story that most Dargaville types swallowed, eh?
** My husband was convinced that Evan wanted to sleep with me, and nothing would persuade him that it was possible for a man to genuinely enjoy my company with no strings attached. These days I realise that says more about him than it does about me or Evan, but back then .. yeah, I was different.
*** Harpoon is no more skoady than Chance, but is painted the same chipped, battleship grey and has the same dodgy, well-used appearance. That's because she is well-used, because she's a damn good boat.