January 6th, 2014


Exciting things that happened while I was away

Well, exciting if you're a boring old fart like me, anyway.

* My Kiwisaver went over $20,000
* Our mortgage ticked over the first $10,000 paid off.

Given that many people my age are about half way to freehold, it's small fry. But I didn't really get started on any of this future-investment stuff till I was nearly forty. So I'm stoked.

Also, have a picture of some fish:

This is Dr Wheel and me making out we caught all of these. Actually, I only caught one of them, and he caught, um.. several. Way more than me, anyway. Happy caught the big one (a hapuka), and tieke caught her fair share too. One pink maomao and a 5 ft tope (which we threw back) was my tally for the day. Dr Wheel, on top of his maomao, caught 2 barracuda (put back) and 2 skipjack tuna which we used for bait.

Fishing is fun! I struggle with it a bit ethically, but I rationalise that as long as I'm fishing for food and not just killing things for no reason, I'm ok with it. And when we couldn't catch anything but pink maomao, we stopped fishing because really, that fish up there was enough for us to eat nothing but fish for two days solid, after giving half the catch to mine host (who volunteered to do all the filleting for us and loaned us some flippers and was all round good value).

Am now busy trying to persuade myself not to buy a boat.

PS Catch limit in NZ is 30 fish per angler per day, which can be caught in various permutations - like, maximum of 9 snapper, maximum of 3 kingfish, etc etc. I think this is ridiculous. Who could eat so much? That hapuka and 5 pink maomao fed four of us for two days. You'd need to have a huge family to need 30 fish per angler. I'd be happy to reduce that to 10 fish per, and even that would be an excessive amount of fish.

PPS Despite that, it's not the recreational fishers that are wrecking the fishery, or who have the ear of the government. But that goes without saying really, doesn't it?