December 24th, 2013


Random drive-by post!

So I've come to the realisation that I'm crap at blogging while on holiday. Reasons include:

Shearing, Cullen, Brainfart, Monster Project, handstands, perving at Dr Wheel juggling, playing in playgrounds, cleaning the house, and playing through DA2 again because I lost all my saves when my hard drive failed*.

In other words, I spend virtually no time in front of my computer and my schedule is all out of whack, so my posts for the next couple of weeks will be sporadic at best. To all those who asked for advent posts during this time, chances are they won't happen. Well, they will happen, but it'll be when I get back to normal routines. K?

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And on a completely different note, check this out:

Neither Dr Wheel nor I have ever had a real tree before. In fact, I haven't had a tree since the YoT was 18 months old. So it feels a bit special.

Happy Christmas everyone.

* Worth noting that Origin's cloud saves also disappeared because I had to reinstall the game. Back up your game saves folks!
** Shearers will always advise you to select for temperament. Funny that.

Also, this

In case you were wondering what happened to this project (14s vid):

It's wearable!

There are still some things left to do (like, put an on/off switch on it, doh), but being able to walk around while wearing it is a huge step.