December 20th, 2013


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Last day at work. We've all packed up our desks for the move, which we were supposed to do yesterday. Thus, I have no work. We have a lunch and Secret Santa at 12, which I have to hang around for, and then I'm FREE! FREE, I TELL YOU!


Actually, skipping might be a bit hard. This week we trained adagio two nights in a row, then had a night off, then got into this game of chicken about doing a conditioning session. Now, I know some of you know my adagio partner, and those of you who do may be having visions of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. Which would be pretty accurate. The upshot of which is that neither of us wanted to be the one who backed down in case it eroded our perceived hardcoreness, and so last night there were pushups, pullups, L-sits (or, at least, S-sits, which are what you do when your L collapses like mine does), hanging leg raises, and numerous other things that have names I don't even know. It was.. sweaty. And frustrating when my tired body doesn't do what I expect it to.

So now my sore bits have sore bits. And I have to shear sheep tomorrow. Only 7, mind. And then more on Monday because the last lot of people who always call me a couple of days before they go on holiday, called me today.

And this year, I'm going on holiday too. We are going to Tutukaka. While there we're hoping to get out to the Poor Knights to go snorkelling, with the skipper I used to hang out with a lot there. He's still doing it, and is willing to take us out. This is exciting! I haven't been on a boat for a very long time, or caught a fish, or swim with dolphins (always a possibility at the Knights). Or been on a Christmas holiday, either. *bouncebounce*

So, um, yeah. I am finishing work at 1pm and then wandering along to Fidels for a while. I don't know how long that means. But the point is I'm FREE!