December 18th, 2013


Taking MiniMe to a whole new level

We are now doing the countdown dance at work. You know the one, where everyone keeps bringing round chocolates and there's some celebratory lunch thing every day? Today is our team one. Tomorrow is.. um.. I can't even remember. Someone's leaving, I think? Then on Friday there's the one where everyone does Secret Santa then we all sit round waiting to see when we'll be allowed to go home.

Speaking of which, I expect it'll be 1 o'clock. I don't know what time others are knocking off on Friday, but I wouldn't mind doing a roundup to see if and when Fidels is likely to happen. Because I'm nothing if not a creature of habit.

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Ooh, I know! We could utilise the democratic process and have a Citizen's Initiated Referendum, where the people resoundingly tell me exactly what they want and I capitulate because it's obvious I don't have a mandate to continue down my disastrous course of action....

..oh wait.

Sorry folks, looks like you're stuck with me. Unless you have a better idea...