December 13th, 2013



Today, in honour of Friday the 13th, meri_sielu asked me to write about superstitions - as in, do I have any, what are they, and what about any local ones?

Again, this turned out to be harder than I thought it would be.

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So I'm a bit useless when it comes to local superstitions. However, there are lots of folks here who are more local than me, so hopefully someone will jump in in the comments and tell me about their own local superstitions. Non-Wellingtonians most welcome to contribute - I'm interested!

* I remember going to a Sunday School, vaguely. I remember my one and only visit to church, where the loud men singing scared the crap out of me, I cried a lot, they gave me some seashells and told me Jesus loves me and sent me home, and I never went back.

** Every cat I've ever had has been black. They've all been female (bar one), they've all been called Tui, and they've all just wandered into my life shortly after I've decided I want a cat. So yeah, I manifest black cats apparently. Ooooh, spoooookkkyyy..

*** Someone should definitely try this. For science.

**** I believe this is one of the reasons that shearing conditions are so different in Australia. There, you can afford to take weekends off because the likelihood of losing days to rain is so small. Here, it rains regularly so you have to shear every fine day or you'll get behind. Consequently, gangs here work 7 days, in Australia I believe they have scheduled days off. The longest stretch I've done without a day off was 6 weeks.