December 10th, 2013


Selling your life in chunks for money

We just bought a new mattress. As it turns out, mattresses are frighteningly expensive. However, our old one had two distinct hollows in it where we slept, and I was waking up every morning with lower back pain from sleeping in a hole.

Now, I'm waking up every morning with even worse lower back pain because I've developed a sleeping position to cope with being in a hole, and it doesn't work at all when on a supported flat surface. I am hoping I will adjust over a few days, but when I'm having to take voltaren and paracetamol just so I can get dressed, it's a bit beyond a joke. I just want to sleep well and have no pain in the morning. Especially when I have sheep to shear tonight* and I couldn't do adagio last night because my back didn't want to bend at all.


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* For some reason shearing doesn't make it any worse. It just makes it hard.

** I ended up doing this job for many years, on and off. It got less boring once I understood what I was supposed to be doing and was able to strive for perfection in it.

*** Speaking of customer service, yesterday at Tony's Tyre Service I actually felt oppressed by it. The guy felt the need to repeat to me several times the list of 'extra' things they'd done for me while fitting two tyres and doing an alignment (free balancing for all wheels, tyre blacking), then got me to sign a form that basically said nothing but "The customer is always right". He insisted on swiping my card for me through the self-swipe eftpos machine, and giving me instructions on how to use it. And then walking with me to where my car was, asking me about my day. I was monosyllabic by this point because, they are tyres. A necessary evil that you buy, you pay for, then you leave. And for me, the best customer service in this situation is to let me get on with it, with minimum fuss. It was suffocating and I just wanted him to go away. Also, it took 15 minutes to do a 5 minute job.

Please, less customer service!