December 6th, 2013


God rest ye silent jingle bells

So there's a meme thing going round that's kind of like an advent calendar, only people on your friends list pick a date and a topic and you write about their topic on that date. I don't know where it started but it sounds like a bit of fun and so I'm throwing the floor open for that.

I didn't really know what an advent calendar was before the internet. My life has had pretty much zero religion in it and my family, while celebrating Christmas because that's what you do, only followed the traditions in a cursory way. For example, our Christmas dinner was always eggs, beans and chips. You see, my Mum - who was awesome, for those who didn't already know that - reckoned that it was ridiculous for a celebratory holiday to involve one person (usually a woman) spending the entire day working their arse off to produce a giant meal of fancy stuff that would only get half eaten. And then spend the entire evening washing dishes.

Nuts to that, was her opinion. So, eggs beans (the baked kind, from a can) and chips it was. And you know? I miss that. Nobody can make chips like my Mum did. Also, they are better with vinegar. Just saying.

So, um, yeah. I don't know where I was going with that. But please, give me a date and a topic and I will try to accommodate you. Top tip: weekdays work better because on the weekend I'm shearing and sewing and gluing and sometimes forget about the existence of the internet.

And, artfully yoinked from jvmatucha, have a thing. Guy takes kids' drawings of monsters and turns them into full illustrations.

[edit] I should probably add that I live in the future so I'll be posting on what is potentially the day before the one you choose, depending where you live.