December 5th, 2013


On the double standard and why I perv at shirtless videogame characters

I like to look at nice bodies. All nice bodies, but I have a preference for men. I'm not above perving at a nice shirtless man pic, and I'm not ashamed to admit that some of the pics I perv at are of fictional characters.

I also admit that my desktop background at home is a slideshow selection of my favourite pictures of fictional men, some of whom are depicted shirtless or near-naked. I'm not all that keen on looking at cocks so there's none of that. YMMV.

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I guess the bottom line is that there's no harm in my perving on fictional and non-fictional characters with their shirts off, just the same as there's no harm in a man liking to look at boobs. But we need to be careful that we don't allow that to become harmful by assuming that 'sex object' is the most important label we can apply to a whole gender.

Or am I just rationalising so I can get away with applying a double standard?