December 4th, 2013


In which I spray you all with words as a form of apology

Right, so I feel the need to apologise to those who have replied to my posts from Friday and Monday for being kind of crappy at replying to comments. I could make a bunch of excuses but the fact is I'm embarrassed.

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These sheep are also embarrassed:

This is because they are naked. Yep. 3 x Perendales, 1 x Coopworth, 1 x Dorper, 4 x Gotlands (told you they'd be Trendy Breed Of The Year) and 1 x Mongrelly-looking Brown-fleeced No Clue. Oddly enough, No Clue was the healthiest. Also, Ms Flystrike from last mainshear is looking healthy this year and has raised a lamb. Yay for successes!