November 22nd, 2013


Pretty sure I shear more sheep on the internet than I do in real life...

So my old handpiece is history. They called me this morning and said that the motor was full of oil and that it was basically fucked and I must have overoiled it.

I find this somewhat difficult to believe since I've used the same oiling pattern for the last four years and it was working fine right up until the moment that it sucked a piece of wool into the vent. Then I took the back off, pulled the wool out and screwed it back on. Either that is extremely coincidental, or they have seen oil inside the barrel and decided that's the problem without looking further. It's also possible that oil has run in there as part of shipping it, since usually it's held with the business end pointing more or less downwards when in use. But that's a stretch too, because it wasn't oiled before I sent it.

Anyway, they wanted $490 to put a new motor in it, and given that the bloody thing only cost me $300 to buy new and it has already given me 4 years' service, I told them to chuck it in a skip. I'll muddle through with the new one which is more powerful but probably not as quality, and see how we go. It only has to last 2 years to work economically, since I only paid $150 for it. But I might have to get a second one so I have a spare.

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This happens every year. And this year I've been more efficient than usual with my booking in several people in the same area for the same day. But gear failure pisses me off, and I guess the pissed-offness is bleeding into other areas quite readily, and making me feel a bit hoha with the whole thing.

Of course when I'm driving home on Saturday with a friendly gathering to look forward to and a pocket full of cash and the knowledge that another 35 sheep will be OK for the summer, it'll all be fine. Until the next weekend.

On the upside, the sheep posts are popular.. ;-)