November 21st, 2013


Attack of the Killer Ram, and a burst of hybrid vigour

I see lots of people on my flist are doing Christmas card swaps right about now. I've decided not to participate this year. While I love the sentiment behind it, I have never known what to do with them afterwards when I'm left with a pile of dead trees that have no further purpose and just get thrown out or clutter up the house. It makes me feel vaguely guilty, so I've decided to avoid that and just tell you all I think you're fantastic all year round and please don't think any less of me for my weird foibles about Christmas cards.

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Meanwhile, I predict Gotlands as the Trendy Lifestyle Sheep of 2014. I'm doing more and more of them. This is fine by me - they're easy shearing and don't grow too big, and tend not to get daggy either. I totally blame The Hobbit.