November 18th, 2013


Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 9: Breastplate 3

Time taken: 19 hours, making a total of 41 hours for the breastplate construction.
Materials: 1/2 inch stainless 18g jump rings, red drill fabric, charcoal linen, gold acetate satin, waxed thread, cotton thread, small pieces of 1-1.2mm leather, 4 x square full buckles 38mm to 40mm*, 2 leather straps 38mm to 40mm (each approximately 80cm long - measure your model), 810 cap 10-12mm shank rivets, paint – mars black and burnt umber, finishing varnish (mod podge works).
Tools: Craft knife, scissors, 2 pairs pliers, pins, edge bevelling tool, sewing machine, iron, speedy stitcher, mallet, rivet setter and anvil, paintbrushes.
Techniques: Leatherwork, basic sewing, maille making, applique, painting.
Difficulty level: Hard on the hands, a bit tedious and measuring is important, otherwise straightforward.

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And then I carted it outside and took pictures, because well, you have to:

Next bit: pauldrons!

If you’re a person who measures your creations by media, this was one season of Vikings and four of Skins. Just so you know.

*If I were smart I’d have left these gaps instead of having to unpick them, but what can I say? My foresight is limited apparently.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the paddock..

Pet lambs. Everyone thinks they're cute - except people who've had them. Those people know them to be entitled little shits who will maraud you until you give up the goods - in this case, milk - and will not give up. Ever.

It's probably some evolutionary survival thing. They do the same to their mums if they have one - it's commonplace to see two lambs, almost as big as the ewe, one each side with their heads underneath, bunting away and almost lifting her back end off the ground as they try to get more milk from her while she wears this longsuffering look of resignation.

So imagine my distress when I saw this seemingly innocent little chap coming for me..

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Also, my 10 year anniversary on LJ was on the 15th. As usual, I forgot. More importantly, my 5 year anniversary with Dr Wheel is coming up soon. *goes to look it up* OK so it was December the 7th. Here is my post from the following day. Funnily enough, it's also mostly about sheep.

So what should we do for our anniversary? Suggestions we have tossed around so far include:
- Going to the Bahamas, Fiji and Tutukaka (not all at once)
- Having an up close and personal chimpanzee experience at the zoo (sadly they only do cheetahs, lions, giraffes, red pandas and meerkats)
- Him making me dinner and me ironing his shirts (because we're that domestic and suburban these days)
- Having lots of Teh Sex
- All of the above?