November 15th, 2013


Friday randoms

Here is a link to a thing someone did, in which a reasonably good artist took LSD and then drew 11 self-portraits in coloured pencil over the course of her trip:

11 autoportraits drawn on LSD.

Meanwhile, today I am getting a haircut. My first in 6 months.

I have finished making maille for Cullen and I'm glad because my hands could do with a rest from that sort of thing.

I have discovered that I am good at military presses, handstands and reverse Arnolds*, and my back is strong. We won't talk about my pushups or pullups, ok?

24 sheep to shear this weekend, in 4 mobs, one of which has to be shorn Sunday. I am slowly training my clients to understand that if they want me to prioritise shearing their sheep, they have to prioritise it too, which means making themselves available on the days that I am available**, and planning ahead for this. This weekend is a one-time-only charity event, since I normally only shear Sundays if it rained on Saturday. Next year if they say they will be away on the Saturday, I will say "You should have planned ahead" and book them in for the following Saturday.

* Arnold has a lot to answer for.
** I do this because otherwise people tend to assume I'm always available, and I end up getting no weekend at all in the shearing season. I need one day a week for myself in which I don't have to think about work, and I'm quite staunch about that.