November 11th, 2013


How it goes when it goes well

This Saturday, in a continuation of the week's pattern, dawned wet and drizzly with fog. So after getting up at 6am and caffeinating, I got the call at 6:30 saying "Wet sheep" and flagging the whole affair for Sunday. This meant I got a day to work on Cullen, help pombagira shift a load into her new house (yay new house for pombagira!), and mow lawns/weed gardens etc. However, it also meant that I had to do the 6am thing again on Sunday, because the weather came out nice and dried the sheep.

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I also have a number of new open wounds. Trimming sheep's feet makes them sharp, and then if they manage to contact you when kicking, they break the skin quite easily. And for some reason yesterday's sheep, even though their attempts were half-hearted, had a really good aim. Thus, I've lots of angry little sores on my fingers and arms.

I guess I won't put myself forward as a hand model any time soon, huh?

Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 8: Breastplate 2

Time taken: 7 hours.
Materials: 1/2 inch stainless 18g jump rings, red drill fabric, charcoal linen, gold acetate satin, waxed thread, cotton thread, small pieces of 1-1.2mm leather.
Tools: Craft knife, scissors, 2 pairs pliers, pins, sewing machine, iron, speedy stitcher.
Techniques: Leatherwork, basic sewing, maille making, applique.
Difficulty level: Hard on the hands, involves a bit of shaping and tailoring, otherwise straightforward.

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NB this maille is not suitable for protection purposes - the gauge is too small and the rings are too large. For making a reasonable lightweight facsimile of chainmail, it's ideal. But It wouldn't stop a sword. Maybe a butter knife?

Next steps – add the leather strapping, the chainmail and the sleeves. I had no idea when I started that this would end up being a three-post process.


* I chose nickel colouring for all my buckles. If you're luckier than me you'll be able to get all the sizes/shapes you need in antique silver colouring.