November 8th, 2013


Success! Winning! Tiger blood I has it?

One of the things about hand sewing leather that is Not So Fun is when you stick the needle in your finger. This happens more often with leather than with fabric, for obvious reasons. And the thing is that because you're working with waxed thread and animal skin and a needle that's designed to slice as it pierces, those wee cuts tend to get infected.

I can tell you exactly how many times I've stabbed myself with the awl by the number of tiny infections that are happening in my fingers right now. I'm sure shearing tomorrow will help with this..

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Thank you to everyone who gave shoe advice. I'm very appreciative because with all the suggestions I was able to pin down exactly what I want, then use a process of elimination to circle around till it was pinned. It takes a village to buy Tats shoes? Or something equally trite.

Anyway, I'll finish this foray into WTF Tats Why Are You Posting About Shoes now. Have something more meaty...

Regarding the spoof of What Does The Fox Say?, cunningly entitled What Does My Girl Say?, fengi had this to say. I can't phrase it any better than that. Except to add - people, you are supposed to love your partner. Publicly implying really negative stereotypes about them, even as a joke, is not an act of love. Check yourself. Jesus.

You probably knew this was coming. Trigger warning - rape and rape culture

Warning. This post is going to be all kinds of triggery, and I’ll start by being up front about what it’s about.

Rape Culture. Specifically, rape culture in New Zealand.

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The cops have known about this for two years, have had formal complaints from victims, and did nothing but watch because ‘not enough evidence’. To add insult to injury, when a young friend of one of the victims called a radio show to talk about it, the hosts grilled her and victim-blamed her as if she were the one who had done wrong.

As you can imagine, there’s been a public outcry, along with the “What can we do?” A petition for the government to do something. Opinion editorials to the max.

That last one is worth reading. However, you might note that it’s in the very same paper that just two days ago told me to get a sense of humour about Bob Jones’s misogynistic columns.

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Rape culture springs from a culture that sees, and portrays, women as less-than.

So while I commend Rebecca Kamm’s words and appreciate the Herald publishing them, I am viewing them with a very jaundiced eye. She’s completely omitted to mention her own paper’s complicity in perpetuating the culture that allowed this to happen, and in my opinion that is one of the more important points that needs bringing up in this.

The media needs to stop with this bullshit and stop giving money to people who perpetuate it. And the state needs to step up and start prosecuting rapists instead of blaming victims. End of story.