November 7th, 2013


Wellington is a town of lookalikes

OK straw poll time. Do you ever get those little pimple things behind your ears? Or am I a freak? Do you know what causes them? Is it something preventable?

If I am a freak, then so is Dr Wheel. We both have ear-pimples right now and (in my case anyway) it is making me Grumpy. Why do they have to hurt so much? It's not as if there are moving parts back there.

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Meanwhile, the shoe quest continues. I found a pair of mary janes I quite like at Gubbs, which I'll buy at some point. I have also come to the conclusion that there are no ankle boots in a style that suits me for under $300. I have a bit of a mental block about paying $300 for shoes. $300 is for flying to Melbourne to see rivet or for, I dunno, my annual work clothes budget. Or new tyres for the car, or even a bunch of leather strapping. But shoes? Shoes should be under $200, and spending more than that on them seems somehow more frivolous than spending it on leather so I can make videogame replica costumes.

Hey, I never claimed to be logical in my approach to spending money. And yes, if I want nice ankle boots it's seeming more and more likely I'll have to spend that much. But they'd better last FOREVER.

Here, have a thing courtesy of jvmatucha - a map of the United States filled in by an Australian who's never been there. Just because usually it's Americans being shown up for their lack of geography knowledge.

Aaaand, it seems LJ is now suggesting tags. I started typing 'ma' for 'making my morning' below, and it came up with 'maybe one day I'll be lovable again'. Um, LJ, I think you have misjudged my level of self esteem. I know it's supposed to be for emo whining, but that's taking it a bit far. I was impressed with the suggested 'anders staff of knowing' though. Enough so I added it.

* Full disclosure for the new here, I have a massive crush on an imaginary videogame character who some think is a terrorist and I am not ashamed