November 5th, 2013



So I've decided to revamp my work wardrobe. This stems from a bunch of things, but foremost my job is about to become more public-facing again, and since the whole thing's taken a step up (ie, now I'm running the meetings instead of just being a contributor to them), I kind of feel like I should dress the part.

I'm not into the whole corporate power suit severe shoulder pads* thing, and anyway that sort of thing would alienate me from the people I'm supposed to be connecting with, and our work dresscode is smart casual business. Which is a very broad set of parameters..

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So, um, I'm looking for suggestions. What are your favourite work shoes that go with everything? Bonus points for being flat heeled and practical while also pretty. No big ask, nooo..

* My shoulders don't need no stinking padding!
** My work has yet to have a No Pants day.
*** Wellington requires layering. Even in midsummer.
**** Not worn together. At least, not in public. Although, purple.... would make me look like an avocado.
***** Yes I know, women and shoes. I hold that if skirts and dresses were standard wear for men, they would also end up with the shoe thing. If I wore nothing but pants, I'd own two pairs of shoes max. Nyah.