November 1st, 2013


How would you get a mage down out of a tree? Just asking..

So this morning Dr Wheel showed me this: Sad Etsy Boyfriends.

I am trying hard not to think about why he might have shown me this. It can't possibly be related to how I've spent the last 12 hours chasing him around with a half-completed breastplate going "Just one more fitting, ok?" Nope.

Although, he rightly pointed out that he really deserves to be showcased on (the completely imaginary) Awesome Dragon Age Boyfriends. And also that he gets a sword and shield instead of.. whatever that thing is.

Meanwhile, Aristotal's spleen is up to 848G imaged, so nearly finished. It will finish some time today. I might be back in business in time to do some gaming on the weekend. Which would be nice, since I'm off work sick, again. WTF? So, um, may or may not be at Fidels, depending on how grotty I feel by tonight. Also, there are sheep, which I might have to cancel. We shall see.