October 31st, 2013


I left myself in my other pants

Today I'm playing "Guess Who" with my flist, since names don't seem to be appearing above icons in my feed. I recognise a lot of them, but some folks like to switch their icons around and, well, if I say something inappropriate, it'll be kind of embarrassing. But that won't stop me. I have no shame.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested, my machine is currently undergoing disk rescue operations, wherein we're creating an image of my old data onto my new drive, in the hopes of keeping as much of it as possible. This is mainly to try and rescue my games, which I've never bothered to back up, along with the last couple of months' photos. Unfortunately to do this, it has to image the whole TB drive, and the faults on it are such that it times out trying to read stuff rather than just seeing it's broken and passing on. So every now and then it hangs really badly. So far it's done about 300G, after running for 36 hours, and found 82 errors. Hopefully it'll speed up for the non-broken bits and maybe I'll be able to get Aristotal going again soon.

Perversely, this weekend was the first weekend in a while where I've felt like playing games. Hmm..

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Gosh, it seems my work is about to start including travel again. I am going to Mosgiel. W00t!

I bought a bunch of work clothes yesterday, including a set of standard black pants. I haven't worn pants to work since 2006 - but they sure fit better into my snowboarding pants for the wet slosh down the hill this morning. And it seems that standard sizes haven't changed. I also bought jeans. The jeans are size 10 and a bit snug, the pants are size 8 and a bit big, but with no allowance for the fact that I have an arse.

Of course, all pants should be made with my body as the standard. Yep.