October 29th, 2013


People keep telling me they like the sheep posts. So here, have a sheep post!

This weekend was a holiday one in NZ - our Labour Weekend on which we have the Monday off. It's notorious for disturbed weather and this was no exception, with Friday a big storm, which wet the sheep for Saturday and meant the whole thing was flagged for Sunday. Sunday dawned with a forecast of no rain but gale force nor'westers. Some shearers would call it on this forecast but I just wanted to get these sheep done. It's the biggest day on my run usually, and contains some of the most difficult sheep.

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The other thing I did was finish these:


Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 5: Shield decoration

Time taken: 7 hours (total for shield: 12 hours).
Materials: Already prepared shield blank, wonderflex, thick eva foam for padding, black wool felt for backing, hot glue, super glue, rub 'n' buff, black paint, scarlet paint, mod podge.
Tools: Craft knife, scissors, pen, metre ruler, heat gun, glue gun, paint brushes.
Techniques: Plastic thermomoulding, painting.
Difficulty level: Moderate.

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And in a pinch, it’ll work as a brolly!

Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 6: Sword

Time taken: 9.5 hours.
Materials: camping mat foam (10mm thick), dowelling (10mm and 32mm) , tacking nails, contact glue, 2 polystyrene balls, scarlet binding tape, hot glue, newspaper, wallpaper glue, air-dry modelling clay, gesso, acrylic paints (mars black, old gold, burnt umber), Rub 'n' Buff (silver leaf), mod podge.
Tools: Craft knife, pen, metre ruler, hammer, saw, clamps and clamping boards, drill, sandpaper, glue gun, paint brushes.
Techniques: Woodworking. carving, sculpting/fabrication, braiding, painting.
Difficulty level: Easy if you have a steady hand. Braiding can be tricky but there are videos on the internet that show how to do it.

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I think if I were to do it again I’d add more taper to the blade and use something more rigid than modelling clay for the shapes at the top, but other than that I’m pretty satisfied with this.