October 24th, 2013


Delving into the black box yet again


My general demeanour is usually cheerful (I think, anyway), but there are a couple of things that are guaranteed to get up my nose in a big way. One of them is gear failure. This one annoys me inordinately, because I expect things to just work and when they don't it confuses my lizard brain. This particularly applies to black box type things. I'm told that sometimes you should just trust that the black box works and not worry about how it works, but that means that when it breaks, you don't know how to start fixing it.

Coincidentally, Aristotal (my desktop PC) is a black box. Literally.

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Sadly, I had to come to work before I could get started and I didn't want to leave it running in that state. I had to force shutdown again because my poor machine couldn't even manage to respond to that in Task Manager. Now I'm sitting here going "But I have a knotty problem at home to fix!" And that's where my frustration is coming from. I like to think it's progress that I'm not actually tearing my hair out over the problem, but instead over being prevented from tackling an interesting puzzle by my need for food and shelter.


Meanwhile, I need to cut some stainless steel dog whistles that are too wide for the job I have for them. I have a hack saw but surely there's an easier way? One that doesn't involve buying a laser, that is. Any ideas?