October 23rd, 2013


Women drivers no survivors - what are we, 6?

So in NZ there's an elderly rich white dude who used to be famous (for being a rich white dude) but now writes an op-ed column for one of our larger papers. His schtick is being curmudgeonly about anyone who isn't an elderly, rich, white libertarian man. Yesterday he wrote a piece about women drivers.

Yes, yes, I know. Tired, old, boring, obvious troll, running out of relevant things to say, scraping the bottom of the barrel. Etc.

However, in this column, he advocates that the police should go to the houses of women who hesitate at roundabouts and beat them, then burn their houses down. He claims that women hesitating at roundabouts lose the country a percentage of its GNP by causing 'massive pile-ups' and making everybody late for work, or something. And of course it's only women.

I am not linking the article because I don't want to give him the hits he's grasping for.

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So yeah, I complained to the paper. Apart from what I've said above, which I touched on briefly, I pointed out that such a cheap shot is an obvious troll and asked if a paper which prides itself on its journalistic reputation really wanted to be associated with such unimaginative and desperate grubbing for website hits.

And the 12-year-old in me wants to ring up that old fart and challenge him to a burnout, donut or parallel parking constest. Because I'd kick his rich white arse at it.

Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 4: Shield fabrication

Time taken: 5 hours
Materials: 4mm expanded PVC foam board, wonderflex, leather strapping 25-30mm wide, 2 buckles to fit the leather, hot glue, super glue, 9mm 810 cap rivets (other rivets would do as well but that's what I had)
Tools: Craft knife, pen, metre ruler, heat gun, glue gun, edge beveller, hole punch, rivet setter and anvil, hammer.
Techniques: Plastic thermomoulding, leatherwork.
Difficulty level: Moderate.

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I've actually progressed it further than that but putting the whole tutorial in one post would make it impossibly long. Next step for this - adding the heraldry and painting.