October 21st, 2013


Some videos and the inevitable pics of the garden

This was my last free weekend, in that for the next few weeks I will most likely be spending at least one of my weekend days shearing sheep. I have 45 or so booked in for this Saturday - it doesn't sound like a lot but it starts with 18 big stroppy English Leicesters, then goes to what I call the Jenny Craig emergency farm, at which all the sheep weigh more than I do. And then it finishes up at this place where the guy has sheep that I can only describe as corrugated, they are that wrinkly. And because it's the start of the season and I haven't done much shearing lately I am not fit for it. I'm not looking forward to Saturday. I am looking forward to the money though.

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It seems we are having a housewarming. The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd* the 23rd of November - you have been warned. Invitations with details will go out when we get ourselves together enough to do them, but if you already know where we live then you can pretty much consider yourself invited anyway. ;-)

This weekend I also made a sword and shield. They aren't finished yet, but the sword's ready to paint (in the gesso layers stage) and the shield has its straps and is awaiting the arrival of my Wonderflex so I can do the heraldry. And there was adagio practice, in which we did both better (success!) and worse (oops sorry about your nuts/head!). Overall I think there was improvement. Now I am sore. And there is more adagio tonight... eep.

* Date changed in consultation with management to allow for the attendance of alphamatrix, without whom the party would be sadly lacking in bad pants. Also, there might be a theme. It might involve bad pants.