October 18th, 2013


And just like that, it's mainshear time.

Me: You know all those things Rick Astley is never going to do?
Him: Yeeessss...
Me: It'd be really hard to go through life never saying goodbye.
Him: True. Imagine living with him - You: *off to work* "Bye!" Him : "Fuck off!"
Him: Also, notice he doesn't say he's never going to kill you. Maybe Rick Astley is really a serial killer. Thought of that?


Here, have a picture of some sheep. I think they are trying to staunch out the camera. On the left is Elsa, on the right, MacBeth.

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Meanwhile, it's as if everyone just woke up on Thursday morning and went "Oh yeah, shearing!" because I now have 5 clients booked in for next weekend and 3 for the following one. Yikes.

Meanwhile, I am wondering if ancient building sites kept someone around whose job it was to be the benchmark for a cubit. And how did they cope if that person got sick or died during the job?