October 17th, 2013

this is the hook

An educational post - for some values of education, anyway

"Want higher quality sperm? Avoid bacon."

I kid you not - this was in an email I received this morning. And here's the article it linked to, which summarises a study that found that men who eat higher quantities of processed meat have lower sperm counts. And deep in the depths of the article, there's a thing that says cod makes your sperm healthier.

The more you knew..


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This morning's pillow talk - learning the difference between prone and supine. Because Dr Wheel has this memory thing he does every morning, and I find it vastly entertaining. Sometimes it's the flags of countries, sometimes it's how to speak Cantonese, sometimes it's the captials of African countries, sometimes it's just incomprehensible equations. And there's vocabulary. Did you know that lubricious and salubrious have meanings that are almost completely opposite to each other? I didn't. In fact I'd never even heard the world lubricious before today.

Anyway, I'd rather be supine than prone. And English is weird.