October 16th, 2013


Good things are happening in my corner of the world today

So you remember back ages ago I sent a bunch of pics of my Dad and his mate with their experimental SCUBA equipment back in the 1950s to the York Sub Aqua club, thinking they might like them? Well it turns out that the British Sub Aqua Club got their hands on them, and because the photos are kind of historic (as in, they depict the very first SCUBA apparatus being used), they have decided to use some of them on the cover of the 60th anniversary issue of SCUBA magazine.

My Dad, he was pretty cool. And he's still getting little snippets of fame, even posthumously. He would be pleased. ;-)

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So the verdict is that I'm very excited about this stuff and will be getting a large sheet of it to use for the larger and stiffer parts of Cullen's armour and shield.

Other snippets of happycool things:

- We rented the house out. This means our financial stranglehold will end this week. Yay! I can get on with the things I've been putting off.
- Dr Wheel received two boxes in the mail yesterday, which are full of componentry and THINGS! Things which will make his art project!
- The YoT is out of his fire at will government bollocks 90 day trial period at his job. This means he now has actual employment rights!
- I redid the ring for Yorick and I like it a lot better now. All I need now is a good drying day and it'll be ready to bring for you on Friday, pombagira.

And it's only Wednesday! I got a call from my client with the sheep yesterday and she had been without power for a day at that point. Her sheep, her yards and the ground are all sopping. It'll take some special weather to dry them before the weekend, so we're trying for maybe Thursday night, then maybe Saturday. One day those sheep will get shorn!