October 11th, 2013


I haven't had a drugs rant for a while, so

This morning I was thinking about which English-speaking Western nation has the stupidest government. It wasn't an easy call.

There's Australia, which just elected climate change denier, unrepentant misogynist and all-round wanker Tony Abbott for Prime Minister.

There's Canada, whose increasingly conservative government has just rejected UN recommendations regarding human rights (I don't know a lot about what's up in Canada tbh, but there's loads of Canadians read this - what's the dumbest thing you think your government has done lately?)

There's New Zealand, whose government just started trying to sell off state assets against the wishes of its people, only now the power company concerned is buying back its own shares because they are trading lower than expected.* The government, of course, is denying that this is an act of desperation.

There's the US, whose government isn't even working at the moment and has forced over 2 million people into temporary paylessness because they can't agree on a budget, an argument based almost entirely in ideology because the conservatives fear Teh Socialism. Top tip: Obamacare is not socialism. I wouldn't even call it centrist. It's not even a shadow of what socialised healthcare looks like and if it was, it'd serve the people a whole lot better than the current system. But you knew that.

Without a doubt, the US government is currently taking the cake in terms of catastrophically bullheaded ridiculousness.

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So my question to the UK government is, how will this decrease the amount of harm suffered within the community?

And my answer is - it won't. It'll make it worse.

Because focusing on prohibition of substances isn't a well-known method used by governments to marginalise particular ethnic groups, noooooo....

Oh, except for, you know, opium, marijuana, peyote, crack, and now khat.

So yeah, the UK government gets my vote for the Stupid, Racist Fuckers of the Week award.

* Expected by the government that is, pretty much everyone else knew it was a stupid idea.

Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 3: Belt

Time taken: 1 hour.
Materials: 1.5m Charcoal linen, 0.25m wool batting, thread.
Tools: Scissors, pins, iron, ironing board, sewing machine.
Techniques: Basic sewing, applique.
Difficulty level: Easy.

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I can't do any more on this now until the breastplate is made - the binding at the top will have to be somewhat shaped to attach to the bottom of the breastplate (which is not straight), and the fastenings at the back will likewise need to wait until I can accurately try the breastplate/jerkin on the model. So this is now on the hanger behind the door with the underskirt, awaiting developments.