October 9th, 2013


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My magnets are now considered lost in the post, and the company is refunding me. This leaves me with the following options:

1. Find the cupboard door magnet that has been the best so far and use it.
2. Buy another one just the same for $2 and hope it's as good.
3. Use one of the neodymium ones that aren't as good and hope they get better.
4. Bite the bullet and phone someone in NZ and convince them to sell me a samarium-cobalt one.

In New Zealand, rare earth magnets are restricted - they'll only sell them for industrial, commercial or educational purposes. Usually folks get around this by saying they are for educational purposes, and that's what I'd have to do - by telephone - to get them. I don't really like the phone but I love pombagira so I'm willing to do that for her, but I have no guarantee that the samarium ones will be any better than the cupboard door one, and the experience with the neodymium ones has made me wary.

I guess I should be thankful that that is my biggest dilemma right now.

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I just wish I could shake the feeling that I'm going despite, instead of because. ;-/

Last night I made the worlds' tiniest pauldron out of cardboard. And yesterday I discovered Palight foam, which might make a cheaper, more lightweight alternative to Wonderflex. Now wouldn't that be cool? I cheekily emailed them to see if they'd send me a sample. Because nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?