October 8th, 2013

fenris 2

In which I reveal the extent of my creative visualisation and you all vomit

So Dr Wheel is learning Haskell. Haskell is a functional language* that has long been the realm of academics and boffins, and apparently it's quite hard to get your head around for the average programmer.

Me: So are you learning Haskell for the geek cred?
Him: Yes. And the chicks.
Me: Are there Haskell groupies? I could be a Haskell groupie! What do Haskell groupies dress like? Like this? *indicates clothing*
Him: Hmm... more like Lara Croft.

(this is the bit where he asked me to put in a disclaimer that he's not trying to discourage women from entering the tech field through his joking about how I should dress like Lara Croft if I want to be his groupie)

* I'm told that there's a spectrum of functional languages, and that Haskell is out on the extreme end of the spectrum in the same sort of way that if you go far enough into theoretical mathematics you end up in philosophy. So in Haskell, you're not telling the machine what to do, you're [hippie voice] creating an environment in which the compiler can interpret instructions contextually [/hippie voice]. Or something. Kind of like sending your kid to Montessori school...

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I did a bit of template-making for Cullen last night, and in the course of it I spent a lot of time looking at my reference pics trying to work out how the breastplate/jerkin arrangement works. I figured it out and now I'm more confident about putting it together (after a brief foray into What The Fuck Have I Taken On OMG This Is Hard-Ville). However, something weird also happened. I remember this from when I used to do photorealist portraits. Looking that intensely at someone, measuring their various body parameters and inspecting their details, is a really intimate thing to do.

With costuming, I'm not just looking at their size and shape, I'm also trying to work out what bit of clothing they'd put on first, and visualising how they'd look wearing just that, what goes under the bits you can see, and how the clothes would feel on their body. So basically, I'm spending a lot of time picturing him naked. O.o And watching him get dressed and undressed in my head. And its.. well, he's hot. Nuff said.

Yes I am having bizarre fantasies about an imaginary videogame character based on my extremely close inspection of his pixellated wee body and my vivid imagination. Bite me.

I don't even like Templars. Wut.

PS Monaco font totally looks like Comic Sans.