October 7th, 2013


In which I get Twitter famous and try the 'broken windows' approach to broken windows.

So this weekend I got 15 hours of internet fame, because the @dragonage account tweeted this:

That account has like 90,000 followers. Thus, I woke up on Saturday morning with 200 or so messages in my DeviantArt inbox, and duly spent a sizeable chunk of the weekend dealing with that and answering questions about how it was made, and generally being all "OMG people like my stuff." Notable is that there have been zero haters. Dragon Age people are clearly awesome.

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Also achieved this weekend: getting Yorick to more-or-less behave himself. He still has a bug, but it's not a loose-connection type one. It's weird - the longer you hold the magnet near the sensor, the longer the sensor keeps the eyes on before fading out after you take the magnet away. It's not supposed to do that, but hey - it's for pombagira and therefore it's apt that it has a mind of its own. Also, the rare earth magnets I bought at Jaycar didn't trigger the sensor from any further than the cupboard one I've been using as a test. So I have 2 options - wait for the ones from Australia - which are now nearly a week overdue - and see if they are any better, or put the cupboard one in and be done with it. What would you do?

And and and! Last night Dr Wheel cooked us corned silverside with roast spuds and steamed beans. Like proper farmer food, it was! OM NOM NOM NOM. I support Dr Wheel's ambition to become proficient at making a wide variety of things!

Also, I need to add: the whole window falling out thing? We made a plan to fix it and executed it under crappy circumstances without having an argument or being shitty at each other. Couples DIY is like the ultimate acid test of communication, right?

We win.

Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 1: Chantry sunburst underskirt

Time taken: 2 afternoons (approximately 7 hours).
Materials: 2m light cotton drill in scarlet 1.2m wide, 0.5m gold acetate satin 1.2m wide (I hate acetate), thread, cardboard, Mod Podge (which you may not need if you're cleverer than me).
Tools: Scissors, pen, metre ruler, pins, sewing machine, ironing board, iron.
Techniques: Basic sewing, applique, buttonhole making.
Difficulty level: Fiddly but ok if you're determined and careful.

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My model declared it comfortable and serviceable. And then he chased me around the house in it. Because he's awesome.

Next step: Chantry robe, modified for a warrior in full plate.