October 3rd, 2013


Too many ideas, not enough time and money. Damn

I have an annoying bug. And not a mosquito type one either. For that I could just use bug spray. Nope, this bug is of the 'must track down god knows how' variety, and it's in Yorick which is even more annoying.

Everything worked perfectly till I got the final coat on. Did I mention how annoying this bug was? Yeah, that's part of the annoyingness. Anyway, the eyes are supposed to default to 'off' unless there's a magnet near the sensor. When I switch it on, the eyes go on. And moving the sensor affects what happens.

Collapse )

Those with electronics knowledge, I would appreciate you watching the vid and spelling out in n00b-speak exactly what you'd do. I have a voltage meter and my next step was going to be to test the various legs to see if that narrows it down - but I'm still not sure how to pinpoint whether the problem's in the wiring or in the sensor itself.

I am hoping not to have to dismantle it too much to fix this, but I have enough materials to do that if I have to. Luckily, I have some time to work on this because my bloody magnets have still not arrived. An email to the company says "we mailed them untrackable, email us next Tuesday if they still aren't there". Which makes me go "I paid $20 for an untrackable parcel? How unprofessional. By the way, when will I get my bloody magnets?"

Also, I had another costume idea. Saarebas. I could totally rock that. And while in canon saarebas are all male, I don't think I could find a suitably athletically-built giant man who would be willing to let me dress him (well, half-dress him) and paint him white, you know? And I'm relatively muscular, so ha! Female kossith saarebas. Take that, canon.

Meanwhile - Come on Barbie, let's go party..