September 27th, 2013


Very Important Poll Results - in now!

So it turns out our recycling wasn't collected because the truck goes past at 6:30am and the generic pamphlet on the council website says 'must be out by 8am'. I put ours out at 7am. *sigh* So I guess this means this fortnight's recycling will go in the landfill. At least now we know?

Oh, and we're not allowed to put it out before 8pm the night before either. I'm still waiting to hear back about whether putting a rock on the lid to stop it blowing open will make them not pick it up (since they insist the lid be closed or they won't pick it up and we must also face it in a particular direction - in our case into the wind - or they won't pick it up). This stuff really annoys me, so Dr Wheel has stepped up and offered to deal with the rubbish so that I don't tear my hair out and turn into one of those people who writes Strongly Worded Letters to the Wellingtonian.

He is a nice man. <3

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Except, I can't sleep in. Lately I've been waking up between 3:30am and 5am. This morning I managed to go back to sleep till 5:30 which was quite nice, but usually I'm ready to be up and at 'em long before the sun. It's not as if I'm waking up tired and being all BLAHUGHGRUMBLEWTFTIMEISIT, I am *awake* and ready to get up and full of pep and stuff. Which is damned annoying because nobody else is, and it'd be mean to start prodding Dr Wheel at that hour and going ENTERTAIN ME! So instead I fidget till a more reasonable hour, which I have deemed to be 5:30. And then I get up and mooch around till everyone else starts to move.

I am glad daylight savings starts this weekend. At least then I'll be getting up at 6:30, right?