September 26th, 2013


Doing my civic duty is more entertaining this year somehow.

Remember that aspiring local body politician I quoted the other day? Well, I also posted a link to it on Twitter. And last night at 1am I got a reply:

I think what he's trying to say here is that we are all headed towards eating healthy sandwiches on park benches and that we should have cafes where everything is $5. That we all need to have 4 neighbours on our street and he will give them THERMOMETERS because then they will only heat their homes to a cosy 18 degrees and that will save power.

Of course, for many people in Wellington, getting their homes up to 18 degrees first would be a good start. Thermometers won't fix this, insulation will. So anyway, I replied to the guy going "Dude, you need to work on clarifying your statements. Your code is almost indecipherable." Because I had to make a lot of assumptions to turn his words into policy, and he comes across as eccentric at best. I am actually concerned the guy has lost it and will probably leave him alone now.

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Please fill out my poll, it is important for our political process!

Meanwhile, you know what I'd vote for? A council that employs waste management contractors who aren't fascists. Seriously. The list of instructions on how to present your recycling is a whole bloody page, and if you get one thing wrong they just don't pick it up.

Yesterday, ours got left behind. I checked it against the instructions and can't see anything wrong with it. There was no sticker (apparently they are supposed to leave a sticker?) telling us there was anything wrong with it. They just left it. They won't be back for two weeks, by which time we'll have twice as much recycling (the bin is already full) and still no clue as to what exactly wasn't perfect with our recycling presentation.

Unimpressed Tats is unimpressed and will be phoning the council for a moan today. And then probably putting our recycling in the landfill just to get rid of it. I am not convinced this is an effective way of encouraging Wellingtonians to recycle, just saying.