September 25th, 2013


It lives!

Last night was the start of the horn painting. I mean, the start of the bit that comes after the gesso sealing that is. Ram horns come in a variety of colours, but I figured I'd go for the Bighorn sheep look, which is the one people seem most familiar with.

Collapse )

While he's cracking on with that I'll keep painting the horns, which I expect to take a minimum of three coats to get looking hornlike. Once those are done I can look at attaching the skull to the staff shaft, by which time I should have the gubbins back which need to be hidden under bits of leather and whatnot, and by the time I've done all that my fancy magnet should have arrived and and and.. I still have quite a lot to do, don't I? O.o

And now, in a display of stupidity bravery that knows no bounds, here is a link to a cheesy little story (700 words, yes it's fanfiction, bite me) I wrote. People seem to like it. I am showing you because I'm finding writing these kind of therapeutic, but it feels a lot more like exposing myself than my usual "Here look at this cool 3-dimensional thing I made that contains lots of my creativity but none of my inner workings." I think it's probably good for me to reveal something I'm not confident about every now and then.

So, um, yeah.

[edit] Today is the day that Pronunciation Book counted down to. Turns out it's an ARG launched in conjunction with Horse_eBooks. I am disappoint.