September 23rd, 2013


In which I dig a lot in the rain and get overexcited about radishes

So this weekend started with thunder and lightning on the outdoors, and just lightning on the indoors. We went to Forks in Sockets, a thing put on by a couple of friends of ours who built a big tesla coil and a robotic bass guitar then decided to make it into a band. Because, why not? Muwahaha.

I am somewhat jaded about tesla coils, as evidenced by my lack of agogness at the one they had at Rainbow Serpent, which wasn't as big as PYRAMIDER and also didn't play any music. However, if you haven't heard/seen a tesla coil playing the theme from Phantom of the Opera, you should rectify this immediately.

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There is still about another 30 metres of driveway border, a bunch of pruning and probably the preparation of more vegie garden to do, and then there's the Secret Mystery Wild Garden, and a shed that I'm pretty sure is on the property as well, and it's all quite a lot of work but hey, spring is here and I like being outside and doing work, right?

But tonight, I might put my feet up - after inspecting my seedlings to see if they're any bigger yet, that is...

Also, apparently it was the equinox this weekend and I was supposed to be doing a ritual to mark the turn of the wheel into the summer half of the year. How'd I do?

So, about those local body elections

Don MacDonald is one of the candidates for my area. Here is his blurb:

DON McDONALD, Southern ward Candidate, W.C.C. Resident 1977-2013. POLICIES: Transport: LESS car traffic, stuff. Buses twice as quick. NO blacked out ads on BUS windows. Keep 1990s CLIMATE? Toilets: SUFFICIENT public toilets, properly maintained. Power bills: I will proffer street THERMOMETERS. Train Home-Dry that 18C rooms reduces power WASTAGE. GRAFFITI Tagging: Camera SURVEILLANCE as defence. Communication/ CALL CENTRE: 0800- mobiles. Proper Follow through service for COMPLAINTS. DO NO GAMBLE: Alcohol coffee, coke smoke, tainment. The costs/rewards of my behaviours. HEALTHY Food: park bench. Smart NEWTOWN: Library- computing. FOSTER: Faith community, science education, fabric society, history Your CITY, council submissions and hearings, safety. Web: latest P282/389-6820/ 0277-845-900. AUTHORISED DSM, Don S McDonald,F1681 Daniell St, NEWTOWN 6021.

No, I have no idea what he's trying to say either. Anyone want to ring him up and ask?

Although, he does get points for "DO NO GAMBLE alcohol coffee coke smoke tainment." And saying that park benches are healthy food. Also, reading it aloud to your friends while shouting the capitalised bits will draw a laugh or two.