September 20th, 2013


On why GTA V is really a sim, and other shocking revelations

Today is one of those days where, if it wasn't such a ridiculous idea, I'd wear my Grey Warden suit to work. It's ridiculous because I can't actually sit down in it, but today, I feel like a Grey Warden on the inside.

How does that feel? Hardcore, mostly. Strutty, like "Don't mess with me." Part of a secret society, maybe? Definitely like leather and chainmail. Yep.

Last night grist brought me some eyeballs and we tested them and then put them in the sockets to see what they look like. What they look like is creepy as fuck. A skull with eyeballs, people. Creepy. But effective. So now, all I have to do is finish the modelling, set up the circuit and install it, and wait for my tiny magnet to arrive from Australia so I can make the ring. Meanwhile, grist is transferring the controlling code from the Arduino Uno we used for testing onto an ATTiny that will actually fit inside the brainbox of the skull. ;-) pombagira, the magnet shipping is likely to hold the completed article up beyond your birthday (I expect arrival by next weekend but possibly after). I hope this is ok.

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Last night on the bus I was innocently reading my book and then suddenly, surprise!Porn. I found myself sincerely hoping that the old lady next to me wasn't reading over my shoulder, especially when it got to the bit where one of the partners' legs were described as 'robust looking.' I mean come on, robust looking legs? How is this sexy?

Also, I might have put a couple of my very short vignette style fics on AO3. I R BRAVE. And a little bit trepidatious. But someone said something nice about one of them, so I feel a bit better about it now. *ahem* No, I'm not a writer. But I am one of those people who sees something cool and wants to try it, instead of being happy just watching it. Story of my life...