September 19th, 2013


Herbs has an h on it, you know..

So I have made my list of herbs and this weekend I will trot off to the garden centre and see what I can find. For those who are interested, here it is:

Chives, parsley, comfrey, thyme, mint, oregano, lemon verbena, sage. There is an existing rosemary like every garden in Wellington. I will add lavender, savory, tarragon and lovage. I'd also like a bay tree and perhaps some chamomile of the low growing variety. I like the idea of chamomile grass but having seen what happened in Mum's herb garden, I like the idea of weeding it less.

Also, catnip. Although I'm in two minds about attracting cats to our garden. On the plus side - KITTIES! On the downside - kitty poo, and scratched-up seedlings. Maybe if I planted it away from everything else?

This is all happening on Saturday morning. On Sunday, I will be digging. And then composting. And then digging some more. And then planting. And then I will have a herb garden! And it will be pretty, and will look like this, and be pretty. Yes.

And then I will dig some more, because the vegie garden needs to be ready in a week. At least, part of it does, the part where the pumpkins and squash go. And I need to learn how to grow chillies. And then there's the bit where while I was mowing the lawn last night I found a set of steps leading to an overgrown path that runs around the hill below the house, that you can tell used to be part of the garden but has gone wild and rampant. I love taming wild gardens..

It's all excitement in my neck of the woods right now, I tell you.

PS I really like having my scar touched. Is that weird?